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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us
  • Expert Team

    Oasis Soakwells is made up of a young enthusiastic team who undersand the stormwater regulations in Western Australia. We like to do things old school, using shovels and hard work to install the best Soakwell system for you. Why use a shovel when an excevator is much easier? There have been a number of times we have encountered underground pipes such as water, eletrical, nbn, reticulation, sewerage, etc. Using shovels, we have never damaged a pipe and do not plan on it, an excevator, no matter how careful you are using one, is 10 times more likely to damage underground works. This is particularly in regards to older houses, where it is impossible to tell where old service lines run. Plus using shovels is a gym membership for free!

  • Great Price

    We don't have any large overheads, and are not paying for the use of an excevator. This way we can be a lot more competitive with our pricing and still bring you the best products on the market as well as great service.

  • Trusted by our Clients

    Let our clients do the talking, have a look at our testimonials today! Providing a service for residential home owners, real estate agents, builders, gutter installers, etc. If you require our services, call today. 

  • Fast Service Delivery

    We provide fast, competitive and acurate quotes within hours of recieving plans or details regarding the job. Once a quote has been approved, we will arrange a suitable date for installation and will generally be finished within a days work.