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soakwells installation
Soakwells Installation & Renovations Perth

Soakwells Installation & Renovations Perth

Our modular polypropylene soakwell system offers flexibility upon installation. This is beneficial as when installing a new soakwell, there are many potential hazards you may encounter including underground service lines for gas, water, electricity, sewer, pool pumps, reticulation, and nbn lines. There can also be difficulties created by poor access, council regulations for capacity and requirements for minimum distances from the house or footings.

We take an old-school approach to residential soakwell installations, using shovels instead of excavators to avoid damage to any of these possible underground service lines.

Oasis Soakwells understands the complexities of installing a residential soakwell system and this knowledge and experience allows us to create a unique tailor-made stormwater drainage system for your residential property. It is imperative that all council codes be understood and met during the installation of soakwells, as this may undermine the structural integrity of your house, pool, or patio area.

If you are planning on installing your own soakwells for a residential property, call us today for obligation-free advice and a quote to ensure peace of mind that your drainage system is reliable and up to code.