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soakwell repairs
Repairing collapsed soakwells, damaged pipes or drains

Repairing collapsed soakwells, damaged pipes or drains

A clear sign of soakwell damage is sunken paving, sand rising through pavers, or evident water damage near downpipe exits.

Sinking pavers occurs due to a soakwell taking on loose soil - over time soil finds its way into the soakwell through the small openings. This causes the soil above the soakwell to sink as it replaces the soil entering the soakwell, resulting in pavers sinking. The repair process for this type of damage involves replacing the old soakwell system with a brand new soakwell wrapped in geotextile fabric. The geotextile fabric acts as the barrier to stop loose soil from entering the soakwell system.

Any other localised sinking in the sand beneath pavers, grass, or concrete could be due to damaged stormwater pipes or to the soakwell directly. Knowledge of where your existing soakwell is installed helps us when identifying the area where the symptoms of the issue are showing. Stormwater piping is easy to replace if the area is localised and accessible.

Sand rising through the pavers is a sign that the current soakwell does not have the capacity to deal with the amount of water entering the system. The soakwell fills up with water and keeps rising, therefore sending any loose soil upwards between pavers and pavers can become dislodged and start to sink too. This is prevented by either replacing the system with a more effective soakwell system completely or adding to the existing system with more soakwells so it can deal with the stormwater entering.

Damage around the base of a downpipe or at the top of the downpipe, such as water damage, is generally linked to the catchment type from the downpipe to the soakwell itself. The traditional way of directing stormwater into a soakwell from the downpipe was using an adaptor, however, this does not allow the drainage system to breathe. If the downpour is heavy and soakwell cannot deal with the stormwater, the excess water will travel back up the downpipe and overflow at the gutters, causing water damage and added costs.

The modern solution is to install an anti-splash offset grate, which allows water to fall into the soakwell system from the downpipe, also draining any excess water which may be pooling around the downpipe. If for any reason the system does not deal with the stormwater, the flooding will occur on the floor rather than the gutters and roof.

All soakwell repairs in Perth are generally specific to drainage requirements and clients' needs. Call today for a free quote.