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polypropylene soakwells
Polypropylene Plastic Soakwell Perth

Polypropylene Plastic Soakwell Perth

The Polypropylene Plastic Soakwells we install in Perth are Australian made and locally distributed. A product which has so many benefits, its hard to look past when deciding on the best product for your drainage needs. 

The advantage of using polypropylene tanks is outlined below:

  • Heavy Duty load carrying capacity 14t/sqm
  • Rapid Drainage system up to 50% faster drainage compared to concrete tanks
  • Light Weight soakwells, durable, long life
  • Cheaper and economical
  • Made from Recycled Polypropylene 
  • Allows for on-site Stormwater Management 
  • Increases Perth water table 
  • Configurable with allowing intelligent site space usage
  • Less site disruption
  • Modular system allows for flexible design when required
  • Assembled on site by our Professional installation team
  • Quick infiltration level