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polypropylene soakwells
Polypropylene Plastic Soakwell Perth

Polypropylene Plastic Soakwell Perth

Our Polypropylene Plastic soakwells are Australian made and locally distributed. A product that has so many benefits, they are hard to look past when deciding on the best product for your drainage needs.  


Polypropylene soakwells generally cost less to install than their concrete counterparts. Concrete soakwells are also heavy and difficult to install, as well as being more difficult to access after installation. Conversely, polypropylene soakwells are easy to access again, making them far easier to maintain.

Concrete and polypropylene soakwells do the same job in similar ways, both diverting excess amounts of stormwater into the water table. This allows property owners to avoid damage and remain compliant with council ordinances governing water runoff. While neither is a poor choice, each type does carry its own pros and cons.

Here are just a few of the advantages of using polypropylene tanks:

  • Heavy Duty load carrying capacity 14t/sqm
  • Rapid Drainage system up to 50% faster drainage compared to concrete tanks
  • Light Weight soakwells, durable, long life
  • Cheaper and economical
  • Made from Recycled Polypropylene 
  • Allows for on-site Stormwater Management 
  • Increases Perth water table 
  • Configurable with allowing intelligent site space usage
  • Less site disruption
  • The modular system allows for flexible design when required
  • Assembled on-site by our Professional installation team
  • Quick infiltration level