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concrete soakwells

Concrete Soakwells

Concrete soakwells are traditionally strong and durable. That's why they are traditionally considered the gold standard. They are designed to hold larger volumes of water while draining that water at a much slower rate. This is particularly effective for areas where the soil is less permeable. For example, if the area for your project is clay, limestone, or hard ground. Concrete soakwells are also very low maintenance and rarely ever, cause complaints.

However, concrete soakwells are more expensive to install as overheads increase with the need for an excavator, costs to deliver stock and expertise required to install. Concrete soakwells are best suited for new builds as installation of the soakwells are generally at the slab stage, so access is not an issue and the risk of hitting service lines is reduced.

Both Concrete and Polypropylene Soakwells can be effective at diverting excess stormwater and avoiding damage to your property. However, each type carriers its own pros and cons. While Concrete Soakwells are great for new builds, for any existing residential jobs or any job where access could be an issue, polypropylene tanks are the best way to go. If you are unsure about which type of soakwell is more suitable for your area, we are happy to provide obligation-free advice.